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December, 2008

Hang in there, little buddy

Worst. Bug. Ever.

IT Industry Revolutionised By Labour Saving Device

An Open, Federated Award Ceremony

3 differences between 'Small Business' and 'Enterprise'

November, 2008

How important is the problem of whether or not P=NP?

TimeSnapper hits the local press... and more on Iceland

October, 2008

MVC Zen Garden

Is Corporate IT a form of emotional abuse?

Java Powered Internet? WTF?

Life is Upstream

TimeSnapper 3.3, and News From Iceland

Growing Up Geek (A Hanselmeme)

Is that all you've got!?

September, 2008

TimeSnapper 3.2: What are you afraid of?

Babbage and Boole!

Downloadable Slide-decks: "Build your own Tiny Software Company"/"F# eye for the C# guy"

Simple Trouble Shooting Application Now Fixes Everything

Simple Trouble Shooting Application Now Fixes Everything

secretGeek at Tech-Ed: "How to build your own Tiny Software Company"

August, 2008

Bambrick versus Hanselman: Bring it!

The Greatest Chalk Talk Known To Man: 'Better than a license to print money: Build Your Own Tiny Software Company'

Alan Kay on 'The Camel has Two Humps'

is the music inside the piano?

The Bluffer's Guide To Yegge: Business Requirements R Bullsh*t

Prototype Ready for Launch

Idea: a poor man's eye-tracking heatmap for win forms

'The Register' seems to have plagiarised Mary Jo Foley

A magic goal for software businesses

A to Z of Software Methodologies

July, 2008

TimeSnapper in Music!

Fixing problems can give you a glimpse of something terrible

Web Tablet: Toward Less Complexity

Do they store the code for TFS in TFS?

Sudden TimeSnapper Discount!

How Can Microsoft Beat Google?

TimeSnapper 3.1: Attack of the the Red/Green Stripes

21 tools used in our MicroISV

Lost Treasures of the DOS World: tree!

June, 2008

The Virtual Machine Machine and the Virtual Virtual Machine

Should Linq To Sql Go "Open Source"?

Redux: New Synchronisation Idea Overlooked By Microsoft

New Synchronisation Idea Overlooked By Microsoft Live team

Visual Studio UX Taskforce, Office UX Taskforce... etc.

How to be Jeff Atwood

Reuse good -- Abstractions better!

Word of the day: Upsert


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