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May, 2008

Return from an offline sojourn

Leaky Abstractions? Try Asp.Net!

A truly original thought

Throw New VirtualMachine();

Undo, redo, predo, preundo

A little "bit" of programming therapy

Coding Koan: the power of one

Behavior Driven Development: As Human As Possible

What To (Really) Do If You Find Out Your Parents Are Using Vista (redux)

What To Do If You Find Out Your Parents Are Using Vista

Sample Code From Text-Adventure Game Platforms

April, 2008

TimeSnapper 3.0 -- an interactive, bubbling cauldron of possibilities

Be warned: the laptop compubody sock is out there

Everything that's bad for you is suddenly good for you!

Everything I know about Code Reviews I learnt from Star Wars (and JCooney)

Syntax highlighting of strings

Google AppEngine: evil virus or viral evil?

Perfect for lounging

March, 2008

Meeting Frustration, Chaos and Despair Head On. And loving it.

Workflow software: I'm calling the bluff.

3 Types of Argument

F# Eye for the C# guy

Anonymous Methods: Now that's a dumb name!

Who Would You Back? Really?

More about the wiki adventure game...

February, 2008

(Some) Computer Technicians Are Creepy

Wiki as Text Adventure Game

Your Brain Is In 10 Kinds of Trouble

Organizational Tools for different scope and time

A reflection on hate week.

sg: as seen in print!

TimeSnapper 2.7: Word Clouds reveal your computing lifestyle!

Mega-Million Dollar Idea: Diamonds@Home

Thought game: What if SQL had a type called 'Operator'

Stop being walked. Start walking.

January, 2008

secretGeek's guide to selecting a cartoon to suit your chosen IT career

NDepend, Cyclic Dependencies, and the Shroud of Turing

One Handgun Per Child

52 great reasons to fail at software

How To Win At Negotiation

51 Core Abilities of Successful Software

secretGeek: Predictions for 2008

December, 2007

Christmas Roundup

Logo Programming!

F#: More Mandelbrot Madness

F### yeh! i still got it baby!

How To Re-Start A Blog

Nerdgasm 101

TimeSnapper 2.6: Hook It Up

Journey of an idea

Bug Eyed VS2008 Guy Freaks Me Out

November, 2007

Bug Eyed VS2008 Guy Freaks Me Out

Fuzzy Search: Check this out and report back please, o lazy web.

Idea: Ribbon Bar Item Finder

Beautiful Code, or rather, Beaut Comments.

Challenge: Changing the stored credentials on 64 instances of IIS every 30 days

SecretGeek: live and dangerous!!

New Sniglet: An Ungument

Revolutionary (versus Evolutionary) Code Generation

Fix and continue in Smalltalk

Who's the customer?

Designer vs Developer

The great big leaky sales funnel: a micro-ISV primer

Fluidic APIs are stupid... NOT!

TimeSnapper Special - 9 More Days

Your Brain, And the Effects of Syntax Highlighting

Which came first... the domain model or the human?

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