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Software Theory




  • Cultural Ignorance
  • Defensive Programming
  • Dot Net Day
  • Encrapulation Considered Harmful
  • Lesson from Bill Gates
  • Refactoring with Whidbey (popular)
  • Underground XML
  • Serious

  • Rookie Mistakes
  • Visual Studio Tips
  • Satirical

  • Busines 2 Business BullS**t
  • Intergalactic Email
  • The Software LifeCycle
  • Serious

  • DOS Lives
  • Essential Software
  • Overcoming Geekblock
  • Programming Bookmarks
  • Network Stuff
  • Release Early
  • Resume
  • Windows Shortcuts
  • Technical Support Docs
  • Satirical

  • World's First Website
  • Seth Godin Dream
  • Serious

  • blogroll
  • Future Articles
  • The Websafe Palette
  • Portal Page
  • Rss Now Available
  • SmartJelly
  • Website Usability
  • Satirical

  • How to Write a Novel
  • TS Eliot
  • Serious

  • How to revise a dog ugly manuscript
  • Book reviews

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