New product launch: NimbleSET

Hi there. So I've finally released my third product. After a discombobulating amount of toil, I've put out NimbleSET, your Venn-diagram SET comparison buddy. Download it, use it, register it, use it online, be amazing etc.

It's a very, very simple little tool, and I don't expect to make a mint from it. But it was a very good opportunity to sharpen up my application-production line. The next product will be easier, and so will the one after that, etc.

I've just used it to compare the ingredients between several different cocktails, in order to work out which ingredients offer the most utility. As a result I've decided to purchase limes and Bacardi. You could be drinking cocktails too, if you had a copy of NimbleSET.

NimbleSet comparing ingredients between a Mojito and a Strawberry Daiquiri


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