About 'secretGeek'

Wot's it all about then?

The mandate of this website:

secretGeek contains articles/blog entries from Leon Bambrick, regarding DotNet, Visual Basic .Net, Blogging, Novel writing, ill-humour. Various other things.

It's available via, RSS

The site was previously maintained using SmartJelly, a quick and dirty CMS written with 'traditional' Asp, but was rejuvenated in 2014, using a custom blogging engine written in asp.net MVC.

I can be contacted via email to LeonBambrick@Gmail.com

Self portrait:

self portrait with the old beard

In an effort to convince readers that I am a real person, I have included a photograph of myself.

Look away now if easily frightened by floating heads.

i look almost nothing like this



The never-quite-up-to-date resume

I'm currently writing a book about how to build your first product. If you want to build your first product, please sign up to be notified when the book is available.

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